Free Test Papers for Primary School Before English Compositions Exams

Free Test Papers for Primary School Before English Compositions Exams

Here are some free test papers  (English Compositions) for your child to practise before exams.

We have selected common exam questions that are frequently tested in school.  Some of them were tested in the more recent PSLE exams.

Not only are these topics very common, they are also some of the more challenging topics for primary school students.

Unfortunately, composition writing does not seem to get any easier.

Your child needs to adapt to this new reality.  So start practising early!


Click on the topics below to download your Free Test Papers for English Composition.

Free Test Papers for Primary 3 / Primary 4

  1.  An Unfortunate Incident
  2.  A Surprise
  3.  Being Kind
  4.  An Unforgettable Outing
  5.  A Brave Act


Free Test Papers for Primary School 5 / Primary School 6

  1.  A Secret
  2.  A Special Gift
  3.  Being Trustworthy
  4.   Helping Someone
  5.   A Happy Occasion


You can download all free exam papers!

free compo test papers

While you are at it, you might want to check out some of our top model compos on this page >>> Model Compositions for Primary School

What is the topic (and pictures provided) for a compo your child has done recently?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  • P6 pictures given shuttle cock, trophy, and project work picture with some students given theme: cooperation

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