Model Compositions for Primary School Students

Model Compositions for Primary School Students

Examples of Model Compositions from Primary School Students in Singapore

Model Compositions Writing

Here’s a collection of Model Compositions written by Primary School students in Singapore. 

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These compos are written by our students.  They are based on the latest school syllabus.  These students learnt how to write from the Creative Writing Master Class online course.  Some also learn in our live, physical classes.

These compositions are categorised by common examination topics.  The mistakes in these compos have been corrected.  They have also been edited for easier reading.  

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Top 10 Model Compositions 2017 medal

  • Common Test / Exam Compo Topics
  • Strong Intros
  • Descriptive Scenes
  • Impactful Endings
  • Powerful Vocabulary




Model Composition Examples

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Overcoming Fear

Isabelle Ong, Pri 6, 2017 – Overcoming Fear

Naomi Rai, Pri 6, 2016 – Overcoming Fear

Natalie Chua, Pri 6, 2016 – Overcoming Fear

Charmaine Khoo, Pri 6, 2016 – Overcoming Fear

Braedon, Pri 6, 2016 – Overcoming Fear

Caius Chin, Pri 4, 2016 – Overcoming Fear

Ajay, Pri 6, 2016 – Overcoming Fear


Challenges / Competition

Michela, Pri 4, 2016 – The Day I Won a Competition

Naomi Rai, Pri 6, 2016 – A Challenge

Megan Ng, Pri 6, 2016 – A Challenge

Irfan, Pri 5, 2016 – A Challenge


Bravery / Courage

Jasmine, Pri 6, 2016 – A Brave Act

Lim You Heng, Pri 6, 2017 – A Heroic Act


Unforgettable / Memorable Incidents

Braedon, Pri 6, 2016 – An Unforgettable Incident

Melissa Liew, Pri 6, 2016 – First Day in School


Acts of Kindness / Graciousness

Michela, Pri 4, 2016 – A Gracious Act that I Witnessed

Ying Xuan, Pri 5, 2016 – Charity

Natalie Chua, Pri 6, 2016 – Charity

Megan Ng, Pri 6, 2016 – Helping Someone Out

Haziq, Pri 6, 2016 – Being Kind


Being Disrespectful

Tricia Lim, Pri 6, 2017 – Being Disrespectful

Ying Xuan, Pri 6, 2017 – Being Disrespectful


An Unexpected Incident

Ying Xuan, Pri 5, 2016 – An Unexpected Incident

Celeste Ong, Pri 5, 2016 – An Unexpected Incident

Darren Tan, Pri 6, 2016 – An Unexpected Incident


Trying Something New

Benjamin Ng, Pri 5, 2016 – Trying Something New

Natalie Chua, Pri 6, 2016 – Trying Something New



Darren Tan, Pri 6, 2016 –  Teamwork

Marcus Chan, Pri 6, 2016 –  Teamwork

Marcus Low, Pri 6, 2016 –  Teamwork


A Touching Moment

Eugene Seah, Pri 6, 2017 – A Touching Moment

Darius Lye, Pri 6, 2017 – A Touching Moment

Venus Ho, Pri 6, 2017 – A Touching Moment

Choo Kaeci, Pri 6, 2017 – A Touching Moment


A Dilemma

Dillon Lim, Pri 6, 2017 – A Dilemma



Brian Chua, Pri 6. 2017 – Pride


A Bad Idea / Bad Decision

Joanne Zhu, Pri 6, 2017 – A Bad Decision

Teo Gi Min, Pri 6, 2017 – A Bad Idea

Jolene Tan, Pri 6, 2017 – A Bad Idea


A Foolish Act

Fuiji Aimi, Pri 6, 2019 – A Foolish Act

Yan Lin, Pri 6, 2019 – A Foolish Act


Making a New Friend / Friendship

Isabelle Tan, Pri 6, 2019 – Making a New Friend


A Close Shave / A Narrow Escape

Stephanie Lee, Pri 6, 2019 – A Close Shave

Peng Ruijia, Pri 6, 2019 – A Close Shave


 “How Can My Child Write a Model Composition?”

 A composition can qualify as a model example if it meets the following requirements:


Good Control of Grammar

Firstly, writing with good grammar rules is a MUST.  Good grammar is the first and most obvious requirement to even be considered for a model composition.

Your child must get his basic grammar rules correct. The three most important rules are – Subject-Verb Agreement, Tenses and Word Formation. (There are a lot more rules, but being able to focus on the 3 aforementioned rules should be adequate.)

The examiner will also assess if your child is able to join sentences together. Also, your child should know how to use the punctuation appropriately.


Expand Your Vocabulary and Use it Effectively

Model Compositions for Primary School (3, 4, 5, 6)Next, your child cannot afford to have a limited vocabulary pool.  Not having a wide vocabulary will hamper your child’s ability to write in an illustrative way for their composition.

Also, poor vocab will also result in stale, repetitive writing. This will bore readers and reflect badly on your child’s writing proficiency. A writer who knows how to wield the power of words can transform a mundane topic into one that captures the reader’s imagination.


Get Organised & Combine Your Ideas to Write a Great Story

Being organised is essential to qualify as a model composition. Your child must be able to write the story in a proper sequence. There should be no loopholes, and descriptions should not be jumbled up.

Paragraphing plays an important role in organising a story.  But the secret to being organised is simply – planning.  ( An activity that the average writer neglects to perform.)


Explore Your Creativity

Finally, to achieve an exemplary composition status in a class full of high-level writers, your child must display creativity.

Being creative means your child must be able to come up with a plot that is not only unique, but also related to the topic.  

Your child must be to draw unique references from the pictures given in order to write a creative compo. (Yes, there are lots of strategies to do so and they are covered in our flagship online courses – The Little Writers Master Class (for P3/P4) and the Creative Writing Master Class (for P5/P6).)

In a class where everyone has good grammar and good vocab, a compo with a unique story line will win hands down.

Furthermore, no examiner likes reading the same old plots again and again!



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